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Eutecna is an independent consulting energy company with a long history in Italy that has generated its knowledge and expertise in renewable energy and energy efficiency, as you can see in portfolio section of the web site.

We represent big Italian companies that are able to realize small, medium and big projects. Also we represent international investors that can help local clients to better realize their projects.

We support at the same time local clients/investors and international investors and companies and we can manage all phases of  projects oriented in renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Maurizio Landolfi, the founder and CEO of Eutecna Energia has big experience and many international articles, as you can see in short resume. His mission is not only business but do little steps in helping our planet against over heating and he want to call to action all people that want to seriously help our planet. We want together create a sustainable business for everybody and for everything, a win win process. A little step together becomes a big step for our planet


Maurizio Landolfi

Maurizio Landolfi


email contact: landolfi@eutecna.com
whatsapp: +393397455043
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Finanziamenti e servizi sulla sicurezza nei luoghi di lavoro - resp. Ing. Cocomello

 ROMA - Via Cristoforo Colombo, 454 – 00145 ROMA, tel 3357518027 - 3287647767, fax 06.233245047

 FORMIA (LT)- Via O.Spaventola – tra. mercato – c/o trebit – 04023 Formia (LT)  – tel 0771.23587 – fax 06.233245047


 Finanziamenti e servizi sulla efficienza energetica e innovazione tecnologica  - resp. Ing. Landolfi

 ROMA - Via Vittoria Colonna 40, Roma, tel: 0621117242  - cell: 3397455043 - mail: landolfi@eutecna.com

 Eutecna United Kingdom: London - 20-22, Wedlock Road, N1 7GU 

 Eutecna Ukraine: Kiev - Leonardo Business Center, Bohdana Khmel'nyts'koho St, 19/21