Renewable energies in Ukraine

Ukraine has significant potential to develop renewable energy sphere. It has a goal to achieve 11% of renewable energy share in gross final energy consumption till 2020 in accordance with National Renewable Energy Action Plan till 2020. It requires investments in the amount of more than 12 ban EUR.

On august 2017 the Government adopted Ukraine’s Energy Strategy till 2035. It is expected that Ukraine will reach 25% of renewables in primary energy supply till 2035.

Ukraine has one of the highest green tariffs compared to European countries and high potential of renewable energy sources.

This year the Parliament has adopted the Law of Ukraine on electricity market which provides the possibility of signing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for the whole term of green tariff until 2030.

As a result of implemented legislative initiatives, we have an impressive dynamics in renewable power production growth. For 9 mounts of 2017 there have been introduced about 202 MW of new renewable power units that is almost twice as much as in the previous year. In general, since the beginning of 2015, 353 MW of renewable electricity generation capacities have been commissioned and more than 345 million EUR have been invested for it.
(SAEE source)

Renewable Energy Asset Investments

Identifying profitable investment opportunities and accurately assessing project risk requires an in-depth understanding of major market drivers, performance benchmarking, and project finance. At MAKE, we possess the critical analytical skills and industry experience necessary for realizing successful investment strategies. Whether you are deciding on where to invest, how to invest or what to invest in, our insights into the renewable energy industry will guide your team towards well-informed decisions that lead to value-creating investments.

Our team of experts can help you by:

Executing technical and commercial due diligence of renewable assets
Assessing the suitability of your potential investments according to corporate strategic initiatives
Benchmarking your portfolio strategy against best-in-class asset owners
Screening potential markets for regulatory risk, attractive remuneration opportunities, power generation potential, and regional cost structures to ensure maximum project returns


Biogas represtents a great opportunity to improve companies’ balance-sheet. There are currently plant engineering solutions from 100 kW of Power designed to animal husbandry and family firms. Eutecna helps businesses in every stage of the project, from the identification of public tender, including financial concessions, to the realization, the acceptance into service and the post realization assistance.


Biomass is fuel that is developed from organic materials, a renewable and sustainable source of energy used to create electricity or other forms of power.  In biomass power plants, wood waste or other waste is burned to produce steam that runs a turbine to make electricity, or that provides heat to industries and homes. Fortunately, new technologies — including pollution controls and combustion engineering — have advanced to the point that any emissions from burning biomass in industrial facilities are generally less than emissions produced when using fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, oil). ReEnergy has included these technologies in our facilities.

Cogeneration and/or trigeneration

Cogeneration installations, where we have the combined production of electric power and heat, in their traditional configuration have not been adapted to be used for buildings’ climatization because their use is indicated only during winter, when it is necessary to provide for buildings’ warming-up. During the hottest months you must hold the cogeneration implantation down or make it work dissipating the heat produced; both this conditions are at the expense of the installation’s economic feasibility and of the overall efficiency.

To preclude such difficulty one might think, during summer, to use the heat generated from the cogenerative installation as the main Energy source, in the electricity location, to produce cold through absorbing systems (absorber chiller)


We develop PV projects from A to Z  that includes scouting of the prospective landfilds or roof spaces , preperation of feasibility studies , financial model , business plan ,executive project preparation, local EPC, attrracting equity , bank loan , export fininancing . In some projects Eutecna can work with you as consultants, co-developers, or in joint ventures.

Solar energy is already profitable in many places – it comes down to whether a particular location has achieved grid parity (i.e. where solar energy is the same cost or cheaper than electricity from a utility) and the financial incentives that are offered in that location. The payback period for your panels might be a few years, but over the lifetime of your panels (20 years on average) they can still make you money. The solar energy sector is growing very quickly and many companies are jumping on board to get a piece of the action.


Biomethane is a gas that can be used as moto fuel or for civil purposes, such as methane, but that comes from biogas refining. It represents a further development opportunity for every producer of biogas, with a high degree of efficiency.

Solar thermal energy

Solar thermal technology uses the sun’s energy, rather than fossil fuels, to generate low-cost, environmentally friendly thermal energy. This energy is used to heat water or other fluids, and can also power solar cooling systems. Solar thermal systems differ from solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, which generate electricity rather than heat.

Businesses that require large quantities of hot water or other fluids must pay for the fuel required to heat those fluids. Solar thermal systems use solar energy to heat fluids, reducing utility bills by up to 70%.

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