photovoltaic 14,5 / 18 Megawatt


Construction of a cascade of solar power stations

Capacity 14.5 – 18.0 MW  In Chernivtsi region

Cost of the project: 900 000 * 14,5 = 13 050 000 EUR

Profitability: approximately 18 %

Payback of the project: 5 – 6 year 


Description of  the project 

On the whole plot of land of 30 hectars are planned to build five SES (solar electric station):

– on the privatized site with an area of 6,0000 hectares it is planned to place an SES capacity of 3.5 MW;

– On another privatized site with an area of 6,0000 hectares it is planned to place anSES capacity of 3.5 MW;

– on the leased area with the area of 7,0000 hectares – SES capacity of 4 MW;

– on the leased plot area of 6,0000 hectares – SES with the capacity of 3,5 MW;

– on a leased area with the area of 5.7159 hectares – SES capacity of 3.5 MW.

As of June 1, 2017, the four SES Company:

– a technical task, technical specifications and a contract with PJSC “Cherniv-tsioblenergo” for the connection of the SES have been received;

– a working draft for the construction of the SES was developed and agreed;

– a positive expert report from the state enterprise “UKRDERZHBUDEKSPERTIZA” was received on the working project;

– a declaration (permission) was received and registered at the beginning of the con-struction work from the State Technical Inspectorate.

In addition, a Czech specialist firm carried out a technical assessment, which includes, in particular, a positive assessment of climatic conditions concerning the use of solar energy in the area and a positive assessment of the maximum achievement of electricity generation in the area. In this document, it was also predicted possible revenues from the operation of the SES.

In addition, a power line was designed from the location ofthe SES to the substation 10/35/110 Kv “Khotin” length 2.6 km, agreed with the Oblenergo, the stateexamination was carried out and the permit (declaration) was registered at the beginning of construction of this line in the State Technical Inspectorate

Description of the project SES capacity of 14.5-18.0 MW.

The purpose of the project The construction of solar (photovoltaic) power plants (SES) in Chernivtsi oblast is foreseen for the production of electricity from solar energy. Generated electricity will be supplied directly to the network on the sideof 10 kV. The project provides for a system for recording electricity generation.

According to a public NASA map in Ukraine on the territory of the Chernivtsi region, the average annual insolation is approximately 1200-1250 W/m²

Technical decisions and SES description

Description of the power plant

The structure of the network photovoltaic system includes the following elements:

– Solar panels, producing under the action of solar radiation, direct current;

– Network inverters converting direct current (DC) generated by solar panels into alternating (AC).

– Monitoring system that allows monitoring the parameters of the solar power plant.

– Meters designed to monitor system performance and sale of electricity at a “green” rate.

– Supported metal structures for placing solar panels on the ground, roofs of the building, etc.

– Centralized power line to which the power plant is connected.

– Own electricity consumers (industrial or household appliances).

Principle Solar Power Solutions

JINKO Solar JKMS270P (or equivalent) solar panels of 270 W rated (peak) chains /strings in series (connected in series by 22 pcs in each strand) through the connecting boxes are connected directly to the inverters (4 strings each Inverter) are instal led on a construction with an angle of 30º. The electric power of direct current received from modules in Fronius type inverters of type ECO 25.0-3-S (or equivalent) with a nominal capacity of 25 kW will be converted into electric energy of a three-phase AC of 0.4 kV. The scheme of transformation of a direct current into a variable is decentralized. The inverter only works if there is a voltage in the AC network. If the ne work voltage disappears, the inverter automatically shuts off from it and goes into the standby mode. In the presence of current from solar modules and the voltage in the AC network, the inverter starts transforming the electricity general ed by the solar modules and outputting it to the AC network. The converter selects the maximum power that can deliver solar modules to the network at any time at different level s of solar radiation. In 0.4 / 10 kV transformers it will be raised to a voltage of 10 kV and will be transferred through the newly constructed CL-10 kV on the 110/35/10 substation Khotyn. Electricity supply to the system – in accordance with the requirements of PJSC “Chernivtsioblenergo” on the side – 10 kV. The scheme of 10-kV inter-network networks is provided by the radial scheme and executed by cable lines from the TP to the RP-10 kV SES. RP-10 kV SES and RU-10 kV transformer substation was designed using cameras of type KSO-210 U3

List of equipment, components and works planned for the construction of SES capacity of 14.5-18.0 MW

Supply of basic equipment:

• Solar modules JKM 270P

-60-2017 270W from manufacturer JINKO SOLAR (or similar)

• Linear three-phase inverters Fronius type ECO 25.0-3-S (25 kW) complete with a DC mixer and monitoring system from the manufacturer.

• Supported metal structures for installing solar modules on the ground from the manufacturer

• KPPZ-10 kV, KTP-10 / 0.4 kV are equipped with automatic switches

• Solar 4mm DC cables complete with MC4 cable connectors

• AC cables to AVBbSH-1

• Own power supply system (TSN, standby power supply)

Supply of additional equipment:

• ASKOE system (according to the standard requirements of SE “Energorynok”/ Energymarket )

• Grounding system (according to PUE requirements)

• The perimeter lighting system of the object. LED

-SP-50W, 220V, 4000Lm, 6000K, 50 Watt, installed perimeter every 75 meters

• CCTV system- HIKVISION EXIR cameras (HD, VIDEO, IP66, 3D, DNR, DWDR) (or similar) installed every 75 meters.

• Fence with a height of 2,03 m with a gigantic as well as a sliding gates of 2 x 5 m.

Construction and installation and start-up works:

• Installation and engineering of perimeter fencing;

• Construction of internal passages (compacted soil);

• Foundation of foundations of supporting metal structures – piling of piles;

• Installation of supporting metal constructions;

• laying of direct and alternating current cables;

• Laying of network cables for own needs of the object;

• Installation of solar panels on supporting metal structures;

• Installation of inverters and power panels;

• Installation of KTP;

• Installation of the grounding system;

• Installation of the ASECA system;

• Equipping the operator’s workplace (ASECE server, stationary computer with monitor for displaying information of the video surveillance system);

• Programming of inverters and setting up of monitoring system;

• Adjustment works

• Getting a “green” tariff, licenses, etc.


• Service is provided by the Contractor or the staff of the station.


• Regardless of the conditions of the Contractor’s guarantee, the Customer receives a full direct guarantee of the manufacturers for all equipment supplied by the Contractor.

The estimated annual profit of SES is 14.5 MW Green tariff is calculated in accordance with the Law of Ukraine No. 3447 “On Amendments to certain Laws of Ukraine on Improvement of the Mechanicsm for Stimulating the Production of Electricity from Alternative Energy Sources (Technical)” dated 10.11.2015.

It is important to emphasize that the wholesale market is obliged to buy all green electricity and pay for it in full (according to the latest changes, enter into contracts for approved prices for the period up to 2030).

  1. Cost of the project documentation (corporate rights of a company) – 1 100 000 EURO
    2. Cost of access to the network (grid) – 375 000 EURO
    3. Cost legal assistance (until permission to start works – supervision, release of the green tariff and final stage) – 40 000 USD                                                                                                                                                                                               4. Rental cost – 40 000 UAH (1250 euros) + tax for privatized land – 846 UAH (27 euros)

The cost of the permits already collected is included in the cost for the project.

Approximate cost of the construction: 13 050 000 EUR

Profitability: approximately 18 %

Payback of the project: 5 – 6 year 

The “Green” tariff from 01.01.2017 is equal to 0.1503 Euro/kWh. No VAT.

Therefore, the annual profit of an enterprise at the operation of the SES with a capacity of 14.5 MW, on average, is 2,251,995 euros per year.


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