8. Operating PV power station - 4 MW - Odessa region


4.03 МW*h Solar power plant in the south of Ukraine

The power plant running on solar energy source (SPP) is located in the south of Ukraine. SPP is designed for industrial power generation by solar energy conversion to ecologically clean electricity in solar silicon photovoltaic modules with its further transformation to offsite power grids.

Solar power plant data:

SPP installed capacity – 4.03 МW

Land plot area – 10 hectares

Property status of the land plot – land lease for 49 years

Number of inventory plants – 3 pieces

Capacity of each inventory plant – 1.25 MW

Annual output – 5,136 МW*h

Staff number – 18 persons

Service life – 30 years

Put into operation in December 2016

Revenue for the 1st period of operation: UAH 25 million

Expenditures: UAH 10 million

All required permits have been obtained:

– License of the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission

– Contract has been made with Energorynok SE to sell the total generated electricity

License for selling to the grid at the Green Tariff

The plant generated a total of 5,017.8 МW*h during the period from December 2016 to October 2017.

Revenue for the period from December 2016 to October 2017 – 750 000 EUR

The power plant value is a subject for discussion with the interested persons.


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