20. Construction of a 12 MW thermal power plant (TPP), 10 000 000 EUR, Zaplaza, Odessa region

The main idea is the construction of a 12 MW thermal power plant (TPP) operating on biomass based on the existing CHP of the former Zaplaza sugar plant, with the sale of electricity produced according to the “green” tariff.

Brief project description:

It is planned to construct a TPP in the urban village of Zelenogorskoe of the Lubashevsky district of the Odessa region (40th Anniversary of October square).

Project foresees the installation of a condensing steam turbine with an electric generator and the equipping a condensation system of the exhaust steam of the turbine to produce electricity.

The possibility to use wood chips, wood pellets, straw and grinded reeds as fuel was considered.

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