Сomplex for the processing of solid household waste - 40 mln $

The project goal is to obtain alternative energy production (Electric power, liquid petroleum products, thermal energy) By recycling secondary organic raw materials by pyrolysis.

Short description of products or services:
Production of liquid petroleum products 5000 tons, Thermal energy 6000 Calories, Electric power 9 megawatts

Justification of the expected volume of demand:
Energy resources will be used:
– Thermal energy as an alternative kind of heating of budgetary  institutions and organizations in the city
– Sale electricity by “green tariff”

Economic indicators of the investment project in foreign currency (USD):
Value (Total investment) : 40.000.000 USD
Expected income per year: 8.360.000 USD
Profitability of the investment project(IRR, PI): 21
Payback period: 4,7 years
Current state of the project: Now the working project is being developed. Engineering and other communications, transport infrastructure is available
Offer of investors for cooperation: any form


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