Support for investors and international companies that want to operate in Ukraine

Ukraine keeps moving forward to its energy independence.
According  to National Renewable Energy Action Plan till 2020, the goal is to reach 11% of clean energy in national final energy consumption. Along with that, Ukraine’s Energy Strategy till 2035 has set a more ambitious target: 25% of renewable energy.
Has been developed and adopted a number of important legislative initiatives that provide favorable conditions for investing in renewable energy.
As a result, we have impressive statistics. For last 3 years 800 min EUR have been invested in green projects (

We offers to investors and international company all necessary support to operate safety in Ukranian market.
We have many clients (private and industries)  and also municipalities interested in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

 Support for ukranian companies in find financing source 

Eutecna tracks funding sources available at the market in order to raise the competitiveness of companies. The project financing is a very important instrument for implementation of the company’s projects.

Eutecna also can find investors for your project the can partecipate in investment and share profits and risks.

The project financing includes grants and low interest rate loans, main purpose of which is business innovation-driven growth. Eutecna specializes in finding and developing project financing plans that help to obtain financing, and during years of its work in this area Eutecna has helped hundreds of companies to reach their goals

Eutecna also assists and supports clients in tenders for different EU programs, designed to support green energy development projects in Ukraine. Eutecna has always been among the leaders in this area and is experienced in dealing with certain organizational issues, such as underwriting, project coordination, reporting, etc



We manage an efficient and transparent competitive procurement process designed to ensure clear, fair and fiscally sound energy projects.

•    Technical Specifications
•    RFQ/P Development and Management
•    Vendor Evaluation and Contracting
•    Technical and Financial Feasibility
•    System Sizing, Siting and Visualization
•    Financing Alternatives



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