Project financing and realization of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Since 2000 Eutecna has helped many companies (800 in Italy) to obtain funding from governmental organizations for realize their projects.

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Energy Efficiency

Reduce the costs of your energy bill, be more competitive and contribute into saving the planet from the effects of the climate changes.

Energy efficiency is a priority for every enterprise. Eutecna proposes solutions based on the feasibility studies. Correct calculations of the energy requirements allow to resize the installations in order to provide the maximum efficiency, partially due to renewable energy sources.

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Renewable Energy

Eutecna helps companies in this nobel aim, introducing them in the renewable energy world as an essencial source of the Energy efficiency.

8 main world economies will double the usage of the renewable energy no later than 2030. Europe has made a commitment to protect the environment by means of reducing the releases of pollutants. Renewable sources of energy are the way for a sustainable future of next generations.

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